Excel – VBA Advanced

Excel – VBA Advanced

Excel – VBA Advanced


  • Advanced knowledge of Excel


The course provides a solid foundation in Excel VBA. Using Excel VBA will extend your knowledge of recorded Macros and provide you powerful skills to automate Excel. This course explains how and where Macros can be useful in Excel and how to use Excel for as much of the “heavy lifting” as possible.

Who is the target audience?
  • Users familiar with recording and editing basic macros in Excel who want to go further in automating and customising Excel using VBA – Visual Basic for Applications. No previous programming experience is required but an expert level of Excel use is assumed.


  1. Conditional Analysis

  2. Advanced VBA structures and functions

  3. Developing and Implementing Custom Forms

  4. Programming UserForms

  5. Create and Load an Excel Add-In

  6. Folders and File Handling

  7. ADO in Excel VBA – Connect database using SQL

  8. Excel Error Handling

  9. Excel VBA Best Practices

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