Excel – One Day Course

Excel – One Day Course

Excel – One Day Course


  • Excel 2007 / 2010 / 2013


MS Excel is a "must have" skill in most of computer related working environments today. Even if you don't think it is relevant for you, I promise after finishing the course you will realize the opportunities MS Excel has to offer to you. If you aspire a job in the finance industry, as an accountant, or you would like to become an entrepreneur, the course will be helpful to achieve your goals. Consider the course as an important tool to support you in your career. The course is for people who already have at least basic understanding of MS Excel. We will learn how to work with different functions to alleviate all kinds of daily tasks. You will be able to download the spreadsheet. After finishing this course, you will have mastered the advanced features and functions of Excel.

Here I use Microsoft Excel 2010 but you can also use 2007 or 2013. There are not too many differences between the versions!

Who is the target audience?
  • everyone who has a least worked with basic excel before


  1. Overview : Basic formulae

    1. Entering and editing data

    2. Creating and copying formulae

    3. Creating functions easily

    4. Commonly used functions

  2. Overview : Charts

    1. Selecting data

    2. Quick ways to create charts

    3. Formatting your chart

  3. Overview : Formatting your work

    1. Inserting/deleting rows/columns

    2. Changing fonts

    3. Colors and borders

    4. Merging and aligning cells

  4. Overview : Printing

    1. Page break preview

    2. Using page layout view

    3. Headers and footers

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