Excel – Foundation

Excel – Foundation

Excel – Foundation

Microsoft Excel - Foundation

The MS Excel – Foundation course is designed for a beginner. This course will provide  you with an understanding of how Excel is used and the basic concepts of spreadsheets. You will be introduced to simple tasks such as; creating a spreadsheet, editing, formatting and printing a spreadsheet.
Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Launch Excel.
  • Understand the Excel Window – differences between Tabs, Groups & Icons and the Excel Ribbon, quick access toolbar and the formula bar.
  • Create a simple workbook and save the workbook
  • Open and close an existing spreadsheet
  • Enter data into worksheet cells and edit the data
  • Select Cells, Columns, Rows and Worksheet
  • Format worksheet cells using Font, Alignment, Number groups
  • Move and copy cells
  • Perform calculations on worksheet data using arithmetic operators (= * / -)
  • Understand absolute, relative and mixed references
  • Use basic functions: Sum, Average, Count, Minimise and Maximise.
  • Prepare and print a worksheet



  1. Excel Basics

  2. Fundamentals

  3. Working with Cells

  4. Formatting a Spreadsheet

  5. Working with sheets

  6. Formulas and Functions

  7. Viewing and Printing

  8. Charts

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